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The Society of Necessities

“Enthralling, jam-packed with danger and intrigue, I would highly recommend it to lovers of fast-paced adventure


The Palm Reader

“The Palm Reader is action packed and exciting, with twists and turns, fantastic characters and a truly spellbinding plot—the best book in its genre I have ever read. Highly Recommended!”


Devil in the Grass

“Five sterling stars to Devil In the Grass, a stunning debut novel by Christopher Bowron, a talented writer with tremendous authorial expertise. We look forward eagerly to the sequel, and perhaps an action-packed movie as well.”
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The Body Thieves

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Meet Christopher Bowron

Christopher Bowron has always loved a great story, and possesses a unique gift of the magic to tell one.  He can be described as a “thriller writer, with a mysterious undertone,” who can take his readers on believable journeys to the sharp edge of reality and the paranormal. The use of seat belts is optional while reading his work, but you may need to buckle up and hold on tight from time to time.

He is the author of “Devil In The Grass” and sequel “The Palm Reader,” released in 2018. “The Body Thieves” was self published and released in 2019.

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