Writing during the pandemic

When we went into lockdown on March 15th, 2020, I figured that it would be a good time to get in some writing– NOT. Don’t ask me why, but I coudn’t get my creative juices fired up.

My Publisher John Koehler dared me to write a book on the current pandemic. I thought great, this should be easy. I brained stormed with my friend Perry for a week or so and came up with a pretty decent angle that went something like this:

The Chinese ruling party created the current Covid 19 virus as a test run to see the viability of such an attack. In their wildest dreams they didn’t think that it would be so successful and plan for an even deadlier attack on the West. The brain thrust of the scheme comes a descendant of Pu Yi, the last Emperor of China; a deep state initiative. Needless to say, I had several twists and turns plotted, with a second generation Chinese American CIA operative being tasked to the WHO watch team in Wuhan China.

After a great start, I was slapped in the face by the fact that I needed to be spot on with the science. I spent two years writing two books that were fact driven. If you don’t get it 100% correct, you are going to lose credibility and you cant write exactly what you want to write. l stalled out big time.

I went back to thinking about Jack Walker and Doc Dom. I could easily write a sequel but I am still pining for that book that will take me over the top. I’ve done wonderfully as a published Indi writer. That being said, I did finish a book called Almost Immortal. I loved it, and I think it is my favourite yet, but Covid has derailed the publishing houses in New York. I have high hopes for this book, but you need to keep moving forward.

I basically stopped writing last March. There have been a few life issues, which have added to the situation, but the fact is… If I’m going to crack the top 10 on the New York Times book list, I need to keep going!!!

Ive gone back to a concept that I’d been pondering… more of a True Crime genre book. I do plan on having a slight paranormal twist to it. So… keep an eye out for Almost Immortal and my crime series which will be situated in Buffalo NY, which is close to my home just over the Canadian Border.

Now back to the Pandemic. How crazy have these past six months been? I do like to write when I’m in Florida, but being Canadian, I’m not able to cross the border. I think that we are going to be affected by this nasty pathogen for some time to come. We have been very fortunate in Canada that our leaders acted quickly to contain the disease. I hope our southern brothers elect a President who is willing to take control as did our Prime Minister and Premier. I don’t particularily like either of them, but one has to give credit where it is due.

I hope everyone keeps well and safe.

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  1. Hi Chris
    FYI our great grandfather Arthur Wilkinson died of the Spanish flu in I think 1918.
    Pandemics are not new to us.
    Thank God no one in our family has died in this one.

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