Waiting For Morning Time

Waiting For Morning Time

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It’s a pretty exciting time for me on the Literary front. Here is an update.

Of course I’m more than pleased that the Palm Reader will be released on June 20th, 2018. Koehler Books is going through the editing process and will start work on the cover design, which is one of my favourite parts of the publishing process. Koehler have some very creative people and I can’t wait to see what they come up with. They have a vote on the cover competition which pits two cover designs against each other. I’ll post when the time comes and you will have the chance to vote!

I have completed my latest book which most likely will be called Waiting For Morning Time. It has taken me two years to complete—including dozens of interviews. The story is an amazing true to life occurrence which took place 17 years ago. It is a departure from my thriller writing and was very difficult to piece things together with 10 people and their varying perspectives. There is a degree of Faith, which is different from the Paranormal aspects of my writing.

The book is about three men who went spear fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, 15 miles off the shore of Venice Florida. After a successful day of fishing, their boat swamps and quickly sinks. They are not able to get out an SOS and are forced to spend the next night floating in the Gulf, terrified of what lurks below. The next day they survive a catastrophic storm, and are forced to spend another night facing their inner demons and terrible hallucinations. I won’t tell you what happens.

The back end of the story is about their families, their wives in particular, who go over and above to help search for their men. Their strong faith in God and that the men are alive is truly remarkable. Mary Ellen Gavin, my Agent is pitching the book to the New York Publishing houses this week. Lets cross our fingers that it ends in a big deal.

We are re-submitting The Body Thieves. I love this book and don’t understand why I’m having such a difficult time finding a home for it. With the help of Mary Ellen, we have rewritten a lot of it, making it less ‘Male’ driven.

What am I writing now? I have started the third book in the Devil in the grass series. It will be called – The Sawgrass Savannah. I don’t want to say too much as I don’t want to give any spoilers. You never know who might get knocked off in one of my books.

I would like to write a Ghost Story, but I can’t think of something truly original. My mind is churning and I’m sure that I will come up with something. Maybe Jack Walker needs to meet a Ghost…

Last but not least: I am now working with a publicist. Her name is Shari Stauch (Where Writers Win). She is the person who is helping me make all of these changes you are seeing on my web site and social media. There is a lot more to it than just that though. We are planning two book tours as well as the launch of The Palm Reader. It is all very exciting. Stay tuned…….

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4 thoughts on “Waiting For Morning Time”

  1. Chris. You have done an amazing job with “Waiting For Morning Time”. You nailer it. I lived it and you have done a great job portraying it.

    1. Thanks Bill,

      I’m happy to say that I only had to write the story. You three men were so brave to have made it through those three days. Such a good story. Let’s hope a big publisher picks the book up.


  2. That is so amazing to hear Chris! Best of luck with everything my fingers are crossed! 🤞😀

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