Trump trash talking Canada

Why is Trump trash talking Canada?

In my years of selling Real Estate, I have come across maybe one or two people who I truly could not get a long with or figure out their motives. Some people are just flat out– contrary. I will add narcissistic to President Trump’s bi-line. I have met a few narcissists in my time as well… but that’s another topic. This man is impossible!

I understand he feels it’s his job to try and make better deals for the US– why shouldn’t he? That’s his thing and damn the torpedoes, he’s going to do it. I’ve been a little bit naive when Trump first took office. I figured that he would step on a bunch of peoples toes and his peers in time, would knock him back a few steps. This push back is not happening and I find it flat out scary.

This man has it in his head that he can be omnipotent and in fact– a dictator. He believes that he has the right to pardon himself. He has put the fear of god into his political adversaries. No one wants to challenge him– except Robert Di Nero perhaps (see the Tony Awards). I exaggerate somewhat. He has pushed the envelope of the Presidency in his relatively short time in office and becomes more emboldened as time marches on.

Okay where is this going… The recent G-7 meetings and his backhanded roasting of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau– not to his face by the way… and after he was safely in his plane.

”   PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our @G7 meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that, “US Tariffs were kind of insulting” and he “will not be pushed around.” Very dishonest & weak. Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!” (President Trump in a tweet)

Who does that shit? Now I have to take Trudeau at his ward as he stated that he didn’t say anything in his later press conference that was not spoken to Trump in person. If Trump had real balls, he would have said it in front of the Prime Minister. He is like a spoiled rotten kid who takes the baseball (or hockey puck) home with him from the game so that no one else can play, then says rotten things behind the others backs.

He has stated that the US has a trade deficit with Canada, this is indeed false and in fact, they have a surplus of over 8 billion dollars. Okay, I have to say it– he wants Russia to be brought back into the G-7 (G-8). Will he pardon himself from the current Russian scandal and his election because of it? This makes sense, but in a way that is only important to the President. Next thing he will be espousing is that the President can run for more than two terms…

We Canadians have been nothing but good neighbors and trade partners. I have to say that we are virtually American- though we tend to be more soft spoken and accommodating. Justin Trudeau is only trying to be nice to the man without being a bully, which clearly would be the worst tactic. There is no winning the current situation– Canada does not have enough economic clout. Perhaps the US mid term elections will change the landscape a little and make the “Bully” a little bit more accountable. It takes a lot to make us Canadians stamp our feet patriotically. I’m not a big Justin Trudeau fan, but I don’t envy his position and I feel badly for him. Lets face it, he’s just being Canadian and he comes by it honestly.

I’m beginning to believe that there will be no negotiating with the man and that we may just have to wait it out until the next election. Now…. what happens if he wins again? Is he trying to destroy a relationship which has been built up for over a hundred years? I love the United States– I love Canada. I think most Canadians think this way, and a large number of Americans do as well– that is why we don’t get what Trump is doing. I’m in shock… as are most Canadians.

Rant finished.

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