The Body Thieves is a thriller based on true events and a dark premise that’s quickly becoming a global epidemic – illegal organ trafficking. You’ve probably heard the urban legend warning you against leaving a bar to go to a hotel with a good-looking stranger. Watch out, they say. You might wake up in the bathtub naked, covered in ice, with a poorly stitched side and a note telling you to call 911. When the paramedics arrive, you discover that one or more of your organs (probably a kidney) has been removed.

That “urban legend” is now a macabre reality.

Tens of thousands of people are killed each year for their organs while many more are maimed. China’s illegal organ trade is now allegedly worth US$1 billion a year and a recent documentary called Human Harvest exposed the gory details on Dateline. There’s even a new nonprofit called Organs Watch that now keeps track of organ trafficking. Why? The demand for organs has grown exponentially since the first successful transplant (cornea) in 1906, followed by the human kidney, liver, heart, pancreas, lung, intestines, hand, and (in 2010) face.

Conducting the surgery is no longer the hard part – it’s acquiring organs.

The Body Thieves, begins with a disgraced army surgeon, Dom Tavano, who is commissioned by the State Department to uncover the link between a big medical institution in the United States and a drug cartel. His partner is Chantal, a nurse trained in combat who thinks Dom is a womanizer. Dom and Chantal travel to Acapulco undercover as a married couple to meet with the bosses of the drug cartel, but all is not as it seems… as Dom and Chantal set off a chain of dangerous events that are anything but a honeymoon.


THE BODY THIEVES: Synopsis and Main characters:

MAJOR DOMINIC TAVANO, a disgraced military surgeon, is chosen to head a mission sanctioned by the military and State Department to go undercover in the poorest district of Mexico, the Metlatonoc. The goal is to find the connection between those who rob the poor of their body parts and the U.S. Medical Institutions who pay top dollar with no-questions-asked for the organs. Dom’s real life situation works well for his cover. His medical license is suspended and his big debts prove he needs and is willing to take dirty money.

His partner, CHANTAL TURCOTTE, is a Canadian Forces nurse trained and experienced in combat. She’s a captain, whereas Dom is a major and a womanizer in her eyes. They pose as a married couple hired by the bosses of the Pacifico Drug Cartel, the big players in the organ trafficking business.

DON HERNANDO SUAREZ is the aging patriarch known to be a ruthless. Dom and Chantal experience harrowing encounters with a rival Cartel where Dom is shot. His morality is compromised by taking body parts as a roving organ extractor. The dirty process degrades humanity … even if it is for the greater good, even if it means taking down Hernando Suarez and the U.S. perpetrators.