The Palm Reader: Pre-Order Now!

The Palm Reader is now available on Amazon for pre-sale, which is very exciting. The official launch date is June 20th, 2018. You can follow the Buy Link HERE for more details, or click on the cover image.
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I’m offering two free paper copies of The Palm Reader to random winners on my mail chimp list who sign up after today! We will choose these people on June 1st.


The Palm Reader has gone out to several reviewers this week. The Advanced Reading Copy (ARC) of the book looks great. I’ve attached the cover to this post. It’s a bit of a nervy time as you are not guaranteed positive reviews. In the same breath, there is nothing better than getting good reviews. I’m very confident!
Waiting for Morning Time— has had some positive feedback from a big five publisher. They won’t be taking it on, but the feedback was very positive. I feel confident that we will find a home for this book soon. The fact that they read the entire book after sending it out a week ago is very positive. I can’t wait for my fans to read it!
The Body Thieves— went out for another round in New York. I’ve re-written it somewhat on the advice of a few publishers who thought it was a bit too male driven. Perhaps it was— and I am a male. Mary Ellen and I have softened it a bit. I love this book— I can’t believe we are having such a tough time with it. It’s a little longer, which makes some publishers nervous. 

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