The New Doc Dom Series!

The Doc Dom series is coming soon. It is with great excitement that I can state that I have finished my next book.

Well, finished in the sense that I have completed my second draft. There will be rounds of edits, cover design, etc, etc. However, there is no better feeling than to be substantially finished.

I’ve had a few people read the draft and all have said that they liked it even more than Devil in the Grass. I don’t know whether or not that is a bad thing.

After a couple months of research, I wrote the book in a little over three months. DITG took me nearly two years. Maybe the continuity of writing the book so quickly kept me in the moment better. I didn’t have to go back to fix as much.

I’m not set on the title – as of now it is “The Gifts Door.” You would have to get into the story to understand the meaning. I’m hoping to solidify the name soon, though I’m sure that Koehler Books will have their say, which I’m actually happy to receive.

Brief Synopsis:

Army doctor Dom Tavano goes undercover to break the link between a Mexican Drug Cartel and the US medical establishment in the trading of illegal organs. (Kidneys, hearts etc.) The book is a roller coaster ride from beginning to finish, with a few gruesome scenes here and there that I’ve got a penchant for.

I’ve had the help of a good friend of mine, Dr. Karen Berti, who assisted with a lot of the medical intel. Some of it is a little off the wall, but she helped to keep me realistic.

Anyway, stay tuned…


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