Christopher Bowron has always loved a great story, and possesses a unique gift of the magic to tell one.  He can be described as a “thriller writer, with a mysterious undertone,” who can take his readers on believable journeys to the sharp edge of reality and the paranormal. The use of seat belts is optional while reading his work, but you may need to buckle up and hold on tight from time to time.

Christopher’s roots are Canadian, and his two children make the fifth generation of his family to live in Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario.  His other home in Southwest Florida, in an area of everglades and ocean, provided him with ammunition for his imagination. This inspired his love of writing, and became the backdrop in the creation of his first published, best-selling novel. “Devil In The Grass” and sequel “The Palm Reader,” released in 2018. “The Body Thieves” was self published and released in 2019.

He is fortunate to be able to live his own personal great story, which includes graduating from Brock University with a Bachelor of Arts in History, creating a wonderful family and life, running a successful real estate brokerage, having the opportunities to enjoy fine wine, sports and getting away to do some salt water fishing in Florida whenever possible.

Chris’s newest work ‘The Society of Necessities” is making it’s way through the publication process. The story delves into Chris’s fascination with the paranormal. What if a yourng man was to inherit a piece of metal originally given to a long dead Egyptian Pharaoh… from the gods who once walked among men. What if these deities still exist? The Society of Necessities is due to be published by Koehler Books, June 30th, 2021. Sign up to Chris’s newsletter for more updates on the upcoming title.