Devil in the Grass is an Amazon #1 Best Seller!

Amazon #1 Best Seller?! Wow! Yep – Devil in the Grass made it to number one in its genre on Amazon yesterday – Paranormal Suspense. I was #3 in Paranormal and #6 in political. Pretty damned cool if I say so myself.

I don’t know what is next. I suppose that I will ride it out for a bit and hopefully sell some books.

“The Gifts Door,” (Doc Dom) is finished and is getting some polish.

I’m also about 10,000 words into the sequel for Devil in the Grass. I have toned down the Senatorial aspirations and have had Jackson get his law degree, where he will attempt to represent an accused pedophile. Yeah, I know – creepy.

I just finished a cool fishing chapter which features Jackson and Perry catching some snook. That’s it for now.

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