Covid Lockdown Number Three

There are times when being Canadian is great and cool. We are awsome at lining up for things, we can smoke pot legally, we have a great healthcare system and we have a great identity. There was a sense of being proud that our efforts to curb the curve with Covid was a good thing to do and we were at the top of the world as far as keeping the bug under control for the past year and a bit. We all did our thing as Canadians do. But, the cart has come off the rails.

I take issue with a few items. Why do we not have the capability to manufacture vaccines? We have a top 10 economy. We, as I’ve stated, have great health care. Canada is now… somewhere close to number 50 in the world as far as vaccine rollout is concerned. It will have cost us several Billion dollars purchasing vaccines from countries that have the facility to manufacture. It boggles my mind that we couldn’t have put some money into reclaiming old facilities etc. I mean- lets spend a billion on getting this right. The US has done the rollout correctly. It is the most important thing that can be done to get people healthy and the economy back on track. It hasn’t come cheep, but they did it right. Somehow it cheapens what we have done as far as lockdowns etc. Was it worth it? Okay one life lost is enough, but come on.

I do not blaim countries for holding onto vaccines for their own populous. Did we not think this might happen? Most of you who follow this blog are not Canadian, so I apologize for the rant. But…. I’m sitting here with my kids, not able to go out an enjoy the spring! I have a condo in Florida that I can’t get to because we are locked down and not able to cross the border… still. Full Lockdown! Had enough!

I did not ever feel that I was living in a third world country until recently. Our rollout for these vaccines is deplorable. As Canadians do, we are bending over and taking it, instead of getting jabbed in the arm. Per million people, our infection rate now exceeds that of the US. I just have this pervasive feeling that we are being betrayed… no thats not it… let down. I’ve never felt this before in this country. We pay high taxes and I’ve never really begrudged them. I feel that our politicians know more than what they are saying.

I’d like to hear what other people think.

On another note. I have finished my editing for The Society of Necessities… so hopefully I will be able to get some cover options out to you soon.


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