“The Palm Reader is action-packed and exciting, with twists and turns, fantastic characters and a truly spellbinding plot—the best book in its genre I have ever read. Highly Recommended!” – TheColumbiaReview.com

THE PALM READER is a story with a dark premise and cast of characters neither you, nor I, should ever want to meet in a lifetime.

Jackson Walker, to his near demise, gets caught up with a group of Satanists five years ago down in the Everglades. After a showdown with a couple of psychopaths, the McFadden brothers, he manages to take down the local sect - The Church of Set.

Jackson is accidentally tossed into a police detention van were he meets eye-to-eye with one of the few survivors, the Grand Master of the U.S. division of The Church of Satan, Mason Matye. Jackson staves off an attempt by Parisian to kill him with a concealed dagger, getting the best of the French Satanist in the process. Mason makes a pledge in the name of the Dark Lord to kill Jackson for his transgressions against him and the Church of Satan. Jackson, forever apathetic, doesn’t take the threat seriously, knowing that Matye was sentenced to life. Unfortunately for Jackson and his Seminole family members, the evil man has friends in low places.

The Satanists in this story are evil and cunning, hell bent on human sacrifice and sexual arousal to attract and please their Lord - Satan. Hero, Jackson Walker, attempts to stave off an ever menacing threat in this fast paced Southern thriller; a stand-alone sequel to the author’s first novel – Devil in the Grass.


Early Praise for The Palm Reader

"The setting for Christopher Bowron’s The Palm Reader isn’t the Florida of blue hair and walkers and early-bird specials and family theme parks. It’s the seedy, gritty (and I hope largely imagination-bred) Florida of adult “entertainment” and underworld lowlifes and their victims, of exploitation and mayhem and loss, of good guys and women operating on the fringes to make things better. It’s the Florida of occult practices, and curses, and evil for evil’s sake, and extrasensory abilities rooted in the traditions of fortune telling and ancient native beliefs.

"The story? Take all these ingredients, add in a conflicted and reckless young attorney and those who love him and hate him and tolerate him, throw in a surprise or two, and (metaphorically) divide everything up and load it into a red Jeep, a rental car, and a couple of garbage trucks, and set them all off to barrel down four separate roads toward a traffic circle where nobody’s interested in giving an inch. Wait for the collision(s). Engaged yet? If you like thrillers and aren’t afraid of the dark (situations, philosophies, forces), The Palm Reader will keep you turning pages long past the time those household chores have grown tired of calling your name." – David Patneaude, author of best-selling novels Someone Was Watching and Thin Wood Walls, and the soon-to-be released Fast Backward


A few years back in the Everglades, law enforcement was called the old and decrepit McFadden estate to find an abomination and a house of horrors. Everyone is arrested. Two of the shackled men shoved into a police van eye one another with deadly intent. JACKSON WALKER and MASON MATYE struggle in a battle to the death. Their fight is stopped before it can find resolution, but they do manage to get in last words threatening each other...it's not over.

Now, Five years have passed and Jack drives towards the Everglades remembering his past efforts to end the horrors of an evil Satanist group. Today, he's on his way to see his grandfather, NATHANIEL PORTMAN, head of the Seminole Gaming Commission. While Jack accepts the love of his GRAMPS, he does not accept the native's belief of communing with the spirit world and Jack resents the elder pushing him to interpret every dream for hidden messages. Nathaniel backs off his usual warnings, but shares how he is worried about Jackson and wants JOSH, his other grandson, to stay close to him for a bit. Jackson smiles and agrees.

LOLITA, a Palm Reader, while not a native does believe the spirit world brings her messages. She reads palms and Tarot cards daily for clients and also to guide her own double-life. Both palms and cards have lied to her, but her visions have stayed true. Lolita trusts the spirits. On this day, a tall older Seminole man creeps into her vision and not for the first time. It was as if they both watched a younger man who's in grave danger. When the younger familiar face becomes clear, she searches her laptop: Jackson Walker, part Seminole who brought down a south Florida cult, the Church of Set. Seeing Walker’s picture, she knows him to be her target. Their destinies are to be intertwined and ultimately leading to one or both of their deaths. Once she makes contact, Jack tries his best to stave off her warnings, but the savvy occultist will not be deterred by his many roadblocks.

While Jack would rather be out on his boat fishing with his best Bro, PERRY, he works cases for attorney, PETER ROBERTSON. An older and wiser JANIE CALLAGHAN acts as Jack's partner. She is still young enough to be adventurous and know how to have a good time.

AVERSIONS is a men’s club run by Russians, ELI and his lackey BORIS. They are vile men and maintain secret dungeons below the club where they create porn films for the lowest of life. SOLOMON is a client, who purchases the porn films, and ROBERT LOPEZ, is an employee of the operation, who becomes the lynchpin connecting everyone when he hires Peter Robertson as his attorney. Robertson assigns Jack and Janie to check out the Club.

In a Louisiana prison housing Mason, an elaborate plan is set into motion. A follower exchanges places with the Satanist leader and dies inside Mason's cell. The unsuspecting guards and public now believe cult leader is dead … allowing Mason Matye, Magus of the Church of Satan … free to begin his path of revenge upon Walker. While skulking around Jack's house, Mason comes upon Josh and murders Jack's cousin. Then, he kidnaps Nathaniel Portman, Jack's grandfather, and takes him back to the abandoned McFadden property.

Jack, believing Mason is dead, targets the Russians at Aversions as the perpetrators of Josh’s mutilation and the kidnapping of his grandfather.

All the while, Mason Matye has steadily lured Jack back to where they last clashed at the desolate McFadden ranch. The black-hearted Satanist plans to celebrate a Black Mass where he will sacrifice Jackson's grandfather in an ultimate showdown of good versus evil.