“Jack looked Henrietta straight in the eye. He didn’t believe in the devil—Satan, or Set, whatever they wanted to call him—yet he couldn’t help but feel he was selling himself, well, to the devil. He shook his head. “No such thing,” he told himself. “Is there anything that I have to sign? Do I owe you any percentages if I get a contract?”
“Absolutely not. I am a wealthy woman, Jackson. Having a piece of your soul is payment enough.” She laughed. “Of course I am just kidding. We Satanists are allowed humor.”
Jack felt the tingling of goose bumps forming on his arms and scalp.

When his pro football career fails, Jackson Walker returns to his home in southwest Florida to sort out his life. He lands an internship with Republican state senator James Hunter, whose Clean Water Bill puts him at odds with influential members of The Brotherhood of Set, a Satanic cult. They have deep roots in Florida, and are led by the sinister Henrietta LePley.
After Walker begins a relationship with a member of the Brotherhood, he is framed for the horrific killing of two elderly people. To clear his name, Jackson turns to his Seminole family to evade the police and a particularly nasty bunch of malevolent characters who specialize in the disposal of dead bodies. The Everglades provides an ancient and frightening setting for the unfolding action that will prove whether Jackson Walker will pull himself free from the dark evil that lurks there.