The Society of Necessities

The Society of Necessities

I am about to begin final editing for my latest book. For those that have been following, the title was to be Almost Immortal. I’ve decided to change the name of the book to The Society of Necessities. My thinking is as follows. Almost Immortal seemed too cliche. If you do a search for book names, Immortal… Immortality is too common. If you jump into the Amazon algorithms with such a theme, you will get lost. Its like trying to compete with James Patterson as far as author names are concerned.

Necessities, or some close approximation of this spelling, is the Roman God of Life. The new book genre is loosly “Historical Fiction”. You will have to read it to see what I mean. The Society of Necessities has been around for thousands of years in an all out quest to find “The Holy Grail”- or eternal life. The Society in the new book, are the forces who try to hunt down the main character Daniel St. Croix (for reasons you can only guess). I feel the new title adds some mysticism, asking people to find out what it means.

Koehler Books has a release date of June 30th targeted. I plan on involving my readers in a cover design vote as well as snippets of the text. It is all very exciting… nothing better than a book launch- my third published with Koehler. I will need your help to get to the New York Times Best Sellers List.

WELCOME to my new readers and followers. Again, I will emphasize, I am not a prolific blogger and they come far and few between, so no worries that you will become innundated with irritating emails. Visit for a free copy of The Body Thieves, a fast paced medical thriller.

Waiting For Morning Time

I am working on putting a readable copy of Waiting for Morning Time together for my readers only. It is a real life story about some of my friends in Florida who survived for three days floating in the Gulf of Mexico. I will only ask for a small donation to a charity to be named in order to get a copy.

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7 thoughts on “The Society of Necessities”

  1. Congratulations friend. So pleased and excited for you. I’ve truly enjoyed your work and look forward to this latest novel

  2. Hey Chris ,
    Hope all is well with you.
    Looking very much forward to another read.
    Optimistically perhaps , We are booked for F.M.B. Oct. – Nov. Hope to see you guys !

  3. Well done Chris. A great book, John believes it’s your best yet, I do too. Thank you for allowing us a sneak peak. We loved it and we love you too.

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