Christopher Bowron Interview with Stacie Theis

I’m in the process of trying to get Devil in the Grass endorsed and reviewed. I’ve just sent it to Stacie Theis, who is a book blogger. She asked me to answer an author questionnaire, which I have done and will blog it for interest sake. Learn more about Stacie Theis discovering books one author at a time at

Tell us about yourself.
I am a glass half full type person and I consider myself very lucky; most of the bounces in life have gone my way. I’ve always had a creative flair, I’m very artistic. It’s strange that I ended up in sales. I own a successful real estate brokerage in Niagara on the Lake Ontario, where I live with my wife Carmen and two teenage children Jack and Molly.

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Brock University in history. It was at university that I discovered I was a pretty good writer and had way of putting together succinct sentences. I’ve never considered myself very wordy and my writing is clear.

I’ve taken a stab at writing a book several times. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but would trash them at around 40,000 words, frustrated with my perceived imperfections. It was my wife Carmen who encouraged me to keep going when I was writing Devil in the Grass. I decided that I wouldn’t worry about the first draft and would fix the thing later. After a few more drafts and the help of an excellent editor (Lori Handelman), I ended up with something I am proud of.

I love most sports, hockey, golf and saltwater fishing in particular.

What inspired your book, Devil in the Grass?
Since my early childhood, my family has spent a lot of time in South West Florida, where we have a vacation home. I love the nature that is to be found in SWF, from the abundant sea life to the starkness of the Everglades. I have this feeling that the great swamp could swallow you up in its vastness; I mean it just goes on and on forever. The kernel of an idea…I decided to create an evil family of cleaners who use the Everglades to dispose of bodies: The McFaddens, who work for a satanic cult. Of course, the cult is very good at killing people. Devil in the Grass evolved from this premise. I worked very hard on the McFaddens and their benefactor Henrietta LePley. I think that for villains to be scary, they must be believable.

I wanted to tell a story about Florida that wasn’t about the beaches. There is a dark underbelly to the state that most vacationers don’t see, real life stuff.

Tell us about your main character.
Jackson Webb is a failed professional football player who had all of the tools, but no toolbox- so to speak. Jack ends up being messed up on pharmaceutical drugs and eventually finds himself on skid row due to his apathy. He lands a job with a state senator and is determined to work hard to straighten himself up.

He gets hooked up with a girl, Sarah Courtney, who is involved with the Church of Set, a satanic cult which has it out for the senator and one of his proposed Bills. Jack is used and again due to his apathetic nature, finds himself in a pickle. Jack is able to change the course of the story by realizing his shortcomings by being decisive in taking on the Church of Set.

I think that one of the most important aspects of a protagonist is their ability to enact change within the storyline. It’s important that they are not simply buffeted along with the plot. Jack finds himself in many tight spots and in the end I think he becomes a character that one can truly like, as opposed to his apathetic nature, which in the beginning is… unlikable.

What are you currently working on?
My next book is Called “Doc Dom,” which is about a U.S. army doctor (Dominic Tavano) who goes undercover to discover the truths behind organ trafficking in the third world and how these organs are being used in U.S. Medical institutions. Suspense-Thriller.

I have started a sequel to Devil in the Grass called: “The Senator.” Jackson Webb finds himself in another action packed paranormal mess as he seeks election to the Florida State Senate. Thriller

I am also writing a book about garden gnomes, yes the ones that sit in your garden. Did you know that they are actually sentient beings that protect the families that live within the houses they watch over? Y.A. all the way.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?
My author website is: I am an active blogger and my blogs can be followed through my website


If you want to buy some real estate, you can find me @ If you don’t find me there, I might be wrestling a shark out of the surf on the south part of Ft. Myers Beach…

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