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November Update- What's new in Chris's life.
by Christopher Bowron on Saturday November 26, 2016 @ 12:47 pm

Falling off the Blogging wagon.

It's been some time since I have blogged. I think it's more a matter of being very busy in all aspects of my life than anything. I thought that there was no better topic than to give everyone an update on here I'm at in my writing.

I just returned from South Florida yesterday, which always gives me a big lift. I spent several days plotting my next books etc. Here's where I'm at.

Devil in the Grass has been plodding along, which sales slowing. However, It was requested by the Horror Writers Association and is being looked at for the Bram Stokers award for best new Horror. Not horror specifically, but as you all know, there are horrific elements. DITG won 3rd place honorable mention at the Great Mid-west book fair last month!!! woo hoo! That blew me away.

The Body Thieves is complete and I've given it 4 edits. I'm quite happy with the story which has Illegal Organ Trafficking as it's core them. Dom Tavano is a Military doctor who goes undercover to infiltrate a Mexican Drug Cartel, who - of course, take peoples organs for profit. I'm my own worst critic. It ramps up pretty good and at about halfway turns into a pretty good roller coaster ride. As I write this blog, it's being read by 4 separate literary agents, which is encouraging.

I'm over a third of the way into the sequel to Devil in the Grass. The new book will possibly be called - "The Palmist." There will be a strong paranormal influence. Jackson Walker now works for Peter Robertson and is given his first big case. His client has been accused of distributing child pornography. Now of course he's innocent??? Well, we don't really know that of course. Mason Matye has escaped from prison and is hell bent on seeking revenge on Jackson. it all twists together quite nicely with a good dousing of darkness which permeated DITG, perhaps even more-so. I'm having fun with the characters in the second go around.

I'm writing a true to life Love Story - sea rescue. I've been interviewing the people who were involved with their boat sinking 15 years ago in the Gulf of Mexico. They survived for nearly 3 days in horrendous weather, with only a couple of bumpers tied together with a rope and some false teeth to gather rainwater. The rescue effort put together by the wives of the lost men is truly phenomenal.

I will be doing a book signing at MacIntosh Books Sanibel Island December 30th 12-4. Come and keep me company. I will also be doing a seminar at the Sanibel Library just after New Years.

Once I get some of this stuff squared away, I plan on doing a murder mystery / ghost story set in my home town of Niagara on the Lake. I can't wait!

Well, that's it for now. Stay tuned. I'll try to be a bit more on the ball with the blog. For interest sake, I also do a Real Estate blog which can be found at: NOTLREALTY.COM


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