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Book Review - MEG by Steve Alten
by Christopher Bowron on Tuesday May 31, 2016 @ 02:26 pm

Book Review MEG by Steve Alten

I was given this book by a friend on my 50th birthday, along with some real fossilized Megalodon teeth. I was amazed at the edge that were still on the teeth, even though they were millions of years old. It helped to internalize the story that I very much enjoyed - Steve Alten’s MEG.

MEG is about a Paleontologist Jonas Taylor, who’s life was changed when he came face to face with a Megalodon in one of the Pacific Ocean’s deepest trenches. No one believes him and he is set to prove the existence of the prehistoric 60 plus foot shark. His obsession has caused his life to fall into ruin.

He is asked to join a research team which studies the deep water trench walls in order to better predict tsunami’s. When he and his team attempt to rescue one of the research subs, they encounter two of the prehistoric creatures. It is enough to say that one of the Megalodon’s surface and raise havoc. The book features some pretty cool scenes and a lot of interesting information on the worlds oldest and most efficient killing machines.

I give the book a 4 out of 5. It’s not a literary gem, but I very much enjoyed the read, which for me, is the most important thing.

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