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What the heck is Devil in the Grass?
by Christopher Bowron on Wednesday March 9, 2016 @ 05:41 pm

What is Devil in the Grass?

When I thought up the name, Devil in the Grass, more than anything I thought it sounded cool. It began as “The Devil in me.” I progressed to grass as the theme shifted from a book that takes place in the city to one which took place in the Everglades. Thus the sawgrass plains took over. The sawgrass found in South Florida can hide a lot of sins. It is a vast place with its own secrets. I sought to add one more secret, even if it is just make believe.

I’ve had some comments that people were expecting Devils and a lot of paranormal stuff. Devin in the Grass is not a mwooo ha ha book. There are references to the Devil and there is a satanic cult, but it is not a book that goes beyond the scope of being realistic. I think that is why people are liking it. Devil can refer to inner demons, or the McFadden’s who live in the Everglades, while not devils, they are devilish.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some damn creepy parts in the book, but it’s not what most people think. At its heart, Devil in the Grass is a fast paced page turning thriller. There is a little sex, a little paranormal, some violence and bad language… I hate books that don’t have a bit of that. There are twists and turns and a lot of action and a bit of horror.

I don’t believe that I took anything over the top, so if you are concerned, there’s no need to worry. I encourage people to ask questions, even before you decide to give my book a try. If you do read my book, please be sure to do a review on Amazon, they are priceless!

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